Up All Night (2011) // Take Me Home (2012) // Midnight Memories (2013)


my dad dropped out of school and lived in a treehouse for a year and i bring it up everytime he tries to give me advice for my future


watch niall tweet 7 long sentimental paragraphs about their 4th anniversary and harry just be like “4”

Just a warning: Chances are there might be a ton of one direction on my blog today for their anniversary… Block 1D if you don’t wanna see it :)


you tru if you remember this


happy 4th anniversary to our boys!


I can’t believe I’m still a one direction fan


you know you’ve been here for a long time if you remember this phase of our fandom



So in English class we had to draw a scene from The Great Gatsby. After the drawings were done the teacher was showing them to the class, and one drawing was a pic of Gatsby reaching towards at the green light, but in the drawing Gatsby didn’t have hands. So my teacher starts saying something like how this picture has hidden meaning and portrays the helplessness Gatsby feels, and the kid next to me just casually says “I can’t draw hands.”